Vanessa Rousso won the EPT 25,000 Euro buy in tournament. This marks the first lady win in the five seasons of this event. Many of the games best were in the small 78 person field, including Barry Greenstein, Phil Ivey, and “Elky.” My question is how these great poker minds let this happen! (I’m joking….kind of.) She has won a significant amount of money already this year but this will solidify her as one of the games best.


EPT 2009 Chamionship

May 4, 2009

Pieter De Korver wins the EPT Grand Final and takes home 2.3 million Euros! This would be around $4,000,000 USD. Matt Woodward, and American took home second place money of 1.3 million Euros. He was the only American at the final table. There was a field of 935 players and the event lasted four days. I’m waiting for an American to win the EPT, with the thousands of new players evolving everyday its only a matter of time.

WPT Championship

April 27, 2009

Yevginy Timoshenko won the 2009 WPT Championship taking home $2.15 million. He is only 21 years old and bested a ridiculously hard field. Some of whom are big name professionals at his final table. Scotty Nyguen and “Elky,” a top online pro received third place money of $776,245. This was the seventh season of the WPT tour, I’m anxiously awaiting the eighth.

Winner of Event #19

April 27, 2009

Shan Jing took home first place money on Saturday. $39,103 that in my mind should be all mine. He bested a field of 366 to win the money and the ring that goes along with it. Jing has lifetime winnings of around $300,000, this being his 5th this year. In my opinion, the field was not too terribly tough, I had a run of bad luck or it could’ve been mine. I’ll be back next year though.

Event #19 also took place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV.  The buy for this tournamnet was $550.  I played in this tournament as well only to fall short of the money yet again.  This time mthe villian who busted me was a middle aged, large, and very bitter woman.  She cracked my aces with a naked flush draw.  These were the first WSOP events I have played, but will be returning to Vegas in June to play a few more.

WSOP Circuit Event #18

April 27, 2009

The 2009 WSOP Circuit Event  #18 took place at Ceasars Palace this past Thursday.  The buy-in was $340.  I played this event while visiting Las Vegas for a batchlor party.  I played for around four hours only to get busted by some old lady.  She was actually nice, but sadly I did not finish in the money.  Photos of the event can be found online.

This was the second annual Brunson beer pong challenge.  It took place last Monday at Hogs and Heffers saloon.  Many celebrities and big name poker players attended.  A link is posted to show a video of the event, looks like a good time.

2009 WPT Championship

April 20, 2009

Day one of the tournamnet is in the books.  Due to a large field, 337, day one is broken into part A and part B.  The winner stands to take home over $2,000,000  and even second place will make over a million.  After day one the chip leader is Daniel Fuhs.  Many of pokers biggest names are close behind, no chip lead is safe.

A $25,500 buy-in heads up challenge took place Sunday crowning “towliestar” its first place champion. Benny Spindler is the champs actual name and bested a field of 32 entrants to take home $310,000. The runner up in the event was John Duthie, the man who created the European Poker Tour. His prize was $250,000.

The NHUPC aired yesterday at 12:00 ET. The event features 64 of the games best players all fighting to be the last man standing. The event actually took place in March at Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. It will be shown every Sunday for the next five weeks. My favorites to win the event will be Tom Dwan, Huck Seed, or Daniel Negreanu.